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About Hibino Corporation
Leading the Industry as a Total Solutions Company Staying Ahead of Changes in the Times.
Hibino Corporation (2469: JP Tokyo) founded in 1964 in Japan has remarked its 50th anniversary successfully achieving yet another milestone in the history of the company. Towards the future, Hibino will implement its vision for the 21st century to become a total solution company equipped with Audio-Visual and Information Technology (AV & IT) for professionals.

For more details, please visit : https://www.hibino.co.jp/english/group/
Under the concept, “The SOUND & VISUAL SPECIALISTS” and in line with the management philosophy.
Hibino has been staying ahead of the times as a total solutions company equipped with AV & IT for professionals.
strong global presence
We are strong global presence and is one of the most important market players in the audio & video product categories. As of 31 March 2020 & 2021, Hibino’s global revenue was US$376 Million & US$280 Million respectively.
employees globally
Hibino Group is now having 24 subsidiaries with over 1,000 employees globally.
14 – Japan 6 – Asia 4 – Europe & USA
About Hibino Asia Pacific Limited
One of the company’s first offices in Asia, Hibino Asia Pacific Limited (HAP HK) was established in 2007. We provide professional pre-sales, marketing and after-sales services for LED Display System and solutions in Greater Bay Area and Asia Pacific countries.
With the rapid growth of technologies in mainland China, over 90% LED display system products are made in China nowadays. HAP HK adheres to Hibino’s corporate philosophy of “The SOUND & VISUAL SPECIALISTS”
superior Quality control
Also act as superior quality control with implementation of a completed Japanese Style Management at China factories of our full series, fine-pitch, indoor and outdoor LED Display System.
For exhibitions, entertainment and events
Hibino Asia Pacific (Shanghai) Limited (HAP SH) in Shanghai, China in April 2010, which are offering rental of AV equipment, including LED Display System to exhibitions, entertainment and events. (As per attached PDF & WeChat)
Primarily located in the international business hub of Hong Kong, we embrace a true global vision with cultural blend of the East and West, localizing our strategies and putting them into practice.
What we have done
Shopping Arcade –
Global LV Shops
Event & Expo –
Int’l Auto Show in China,
including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen
Services provided, including consultation, installation & system integration
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