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Different Usage
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Wall & Rooftop ads
In an era that videos became so common, it is undoubtedly possible to accommodate all needs of your target customers with impressive video images through a large LED display on a wall/ rooftop of a building. Our outdoor LED Display are waterproof and high brightness for the best advertising experience for you.
Wall & Rooftop ads
using LED display
The 1066-inch super-large LED display to deliver information in an impressive way right at the world-famous Shibuya scramble crossing.
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Products with appropriate size and brightness for efficient delivery of ads to spectators, such as horizontal long banners and scoreboards in stadiums and arenas, as well as central LED which mounted ceiling.
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Mobile Signage
We also do large mounted mobile signage on special vehicles for your effective promotions at any time, in anywhere.
Truck displays for video advertising, event information, and alerts at any time, in anywhere.
Mobile signage
using LED display
We have experience installing a system to be screened at various spots- installation of an outdoor LED display on a large vehicle.
Hibino LED display
Customized specifications for various installation locations
High Brightness
comparable with outdoor direct light
A diverse lineup that allows you to choose from high-definition models to popular price ranges
LED Display Lineup for Spatial Performance
We constantly improve and increase the scope of our products so we can also provide models not on our list. Do not hesitate to contact us.
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