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Project Planning
It usually takes about 3 to 4 months after receiving your order.
Please make an early request according to the installation plan.
1 month
Inquiries / Quotations Requests
The price of LED Display varies greatly depending on the application and installation environment. We will submit appropriate proposals and quotations based on your plan. Please feel free to contact us. In addition, there is also a rough estimate simulation that allows you to calculate the approximate amount by entering various information, so please use it.
Field survey
We will investigate the installation environment and the distance between the LED display and the viewer.
Please prepare materials such as the installation location of large video equipment.
Detailed specifications decided
Based on the results of the field survey and the customer's plan, we will determine the detailed specifications including not only LED display but also audio equipment and other peripheral equipment, and present an estimate.
Housing design / system design
2 month
Parts arrangement
We will manufacture large video equipment and special parts according to your order.
3~4 month
Assembly / adjustment / equipment work
We will install the LED display according to the installation location.
In addition, we will make adjustments according to the installation environment unique to large-scale images.
Inspection / operation start
We will make a final confirmation and hand it over to you.
Please contact us for regular maintenance. We will make appropriate proposals to our customers based on our abundant LED display installation results.
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