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Spatial Presentation
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Different Usage
Scene 1
We provide LED display systems for brand building, attracting new customers, and selling your products by taking the spatial presentation of your stores, shopping malls, showrooms to a new height.
Spatial presentation
using LED Display
We proposed a see-through LED display in our consultation about large images.
Scene 2
Railway Station/Public Facilities
Utilizing the Feature of LED Display that can be freely customized in shape to impress and attract customer attraction, we are pleased to create futuristic designs for railway stations and public facilities with effective use of space.
Scene 3
High-quality images of ultra-high-definition LED Display and images with unique installations contribute to effective brand building and customers’ attention attraction, so as to stand out your products.
Hibino LED display
Highly customized to upgrade your interior design
High brightness & high definition
A wide scope of choices for All specifications
LED Display Lineup for Spatial Presentation
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