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What is LED display?
“LED” is the abbreviation of “Light Emitting Diode”, which is a semiconductor element emitting light when a voltage is applied. An LED display is a screen consisting of these LED elements arranged on a uniform surface at a constant pitch (interval). “RGB” (red, green, and blue), the three primary colors of light, is required for a full-color display- LEDs of these RGBs are arranged in one type, and one of the colors are enclosed in one chip. Furthermore, when multiple RGB sets are put into one chip, narrower pitch and higher image quality can then be realized.
What are the Feature of LED display?
Since multiple LED panels with LED arranged on a small board are combined to form a screen, not only the general 16:9 screen, but also free layout designs such as landscape, portrait, irregular size, and curved surface can all be made; it’s possible to configure highly flexible displays. Besides, because it is highly waterproof and it comes with a high brightness that is difficult for many other display equipment, it is, thus, suitable to function as huge screens installations on rooftop of buildings, gymnasium, and stadiums. LED Display are also discernible because we can select preferable resolution by changing the LED-to-LED spacing (pixel pitch) according to the installation positions. LED Display with LED elements are self-luminous, it is hence a display device with high brightness, long life, low power consumption, but still, desirable features that are all difficult for other display devices.
1. Large-Sized LED Screen
Even signage or billboard over 100 inches can flexibly be built into a large-sized high flatness LED screen without any borders, in different shapes, such as horizontal, vertical, or curved surfaces according to the different installation position.
2. High Flexibility
The LED display is composed of LED modules, which can be freely combined into different sizes and shapes, and is not affected by the 16:9 aspect ratio, so as to correspond to various building specifications and design.
3. High Brightness
With the special characteristic of LED of self-luminous, it can have a high brightness under outdoor application, project sharp and clear image even under direct sun light.
4. Waterproof Treatment
Even in an environment exposed to rain, such as on the rooftop of a building, the LED display can be waterproofed for outdoor installation, with international IP waterproof standard.
Why Hibino?
Hibino has developed its own video controller since 20th century. With our abundant achievements and know-how in video system, we definitely can provide the best LED display solution that suit for different requirements.
We also propose systems other than video equipment as “One Stop Solution” such as audio system, lighting, and AV control system, by combining the expertise and our significant achievements of the Hibino Group.
We, Hibino are striving to be one of the leaders in AV business, having our aggressiveness and confidence in:
1. Our High Technology
Hibino develops its own exclusive LED controller, the key to utilize the descriptive power of LED Display. We provide the best LED display system to maximize the power of images based on our high technologies.
2. Our Extensive Experience
Hibino's LED display system are extensively used in different facilities to attract customers' attention, such as the outdoor advertising displays at the Shibuya scramble crossing, for famous brands across the country, in different showrooms, aquariums, and event venues.
3. Our High Quality Standard
Hibino's LED controllers are all MADE IN JAPAN. We only provide products that meet with Hibino's high quality standards for LED Display manufactured overseas, e.g. Chroma Vision. Our product quality is stable, secure, and safe.
4. Our Prominent Services and Support
We provide LED Display with just-right sizes and optimal resolution according to the installation location and individual needs, like super-large advertising displays on the rooftops of buildings in difficult conditions and high level design showrooms.
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