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LED Display Case Study

Hibino LED display has been delighting various facilities
such as Shibuya scramble crossing
and many other commercial facilities.

Ultra-high definition & 360 degree virtual LED Display and System Facility Renovation EXPO 2019 Exhibition
[Indoor Vision]
Now, let’s take a closer look at our LED display system at Facility Renovation EXPO 2019 Tokyo Exhibition.
Shibuya Station
[Outdoor Vision]
The 1,066-inch Ultra-Large LED display simply sends out information in an impressive way at Shibuya scramble crossing.
Sunshine City Fountain Plaza
[Indoor Vision]
Hibino provides large visual, audio and lighting equipment system, which contribute to all sorts of indoor events and fountain shows.
Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
[Indoor Vision]
The fascinating effects from the fusing large LED visual and projections accelerate the amazing dolphin show to a new level.
Daiwa Securities
[Indoor Vision]
More than an information display with high visibility, it flexibly switches the display to splendid images on holidays without frequent updates required. The colorful LED display bright up the city with its colours.
Yokohama Arena
[Indoor Vision]
Hibino has provide options on light LED Display installation at weight restricted location.
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