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Information Display
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Different Usage
scene 1
LED display comes with no edges- utilizing this discernible feature, a large display can be installed without any waste of space to fit in the installation location.
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Public Transport
With a LED display with high visibility, information can be delivered effectively- such as timetables, directions, and destination. High-definition displays also makes the presentation of complicated icons feasible.
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Information Display
As an information display to attract attention and provide accurate guidance in normal times while displaying alert and rescue information in case of emergency.
Information display
using LED display
We proposed a see-through LED display in our consultation about large images.
Hibino LED display
Customized to fit in different installation locations
High brightness comparable with outdoor direct lights
A wide scope of selections to fit in different applications
LED Display lineup for spatial performance
We constantly improve and increase the scope of our products so we can also provide models not on our list. Do not hesitate to contact us.
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